Monday, October 4, 2010

Ikea Chair Finishing

I am definitely way overdue in posting.  I considered not posting anymore, since I am busy with our newborn, her older sister, work, etc.  What the heck...I will continue to post here until I have absolutely no time or desire to do so anymore.  I was shocked to see how many hits my blog has gotten, with little to no promotion or recent was kind of encouraging.  
Anyway, I have worked on a lot of things since JUNE!  One of my projects was to finish my daughter's chair that I purchased about a year ago at IKEA.  

THE BEFORE . . . plain, bland, boring, but still kind of cute. 

THE AFTER . . . chic, stylish, and FINALLY matches our decor!

I first stained the chair to a darker color, to match our brown leather couches and chocolate brown tables.  Once it finally dried (a week later - I think it slapped it on a little thick), I drew a pattern to create a cushion for the chair, cut out the fabric (same fabric as our curtains) and busted out the sewing machine to finish the look.  It was actually quite easy, so it won't be a big deal to make another one for my second daughter.  If you are interested in a pattern/tutorial for this chair cushion, please post a comment.