Monday, August 24, 2009


You are no longer confined to the boring fonts that came with your computer.  There is a plethora of font types that can be downloaded for free. 

Three sites that I frequent for fonts are:

1001 Free Fonts
Urban Fonts

When visiting any of these sites, you can browse by font type, such as Handwritten or Western.  Once you find one you may like to download, right click on the download link.  (Dafont's download link is located to the right of the font and says "Download PC/Mac OS X."  1001 Free Fonts' download link is located to the right of the font and allows you to choose whether it is for Windows or Mac.  Urban Fonts' download link is located to the bottom right of the font and says "Win" or "Mac.")

Directions to download and load the font:
  1. Right click on the appropriate download link and click SAVE AS. 
  2. Select the location on your computer where the file will be located. 
  3. Find the file and extract the files.  (Right click on ZIP and click Extract All).
  4. Once the files are extracted, go to your Control Panel (Start -> Control Panel).
  5. Scroll to the folder entitled FONTS and double click to open.
  6. Drag and drop the extracted font files into the FONTS folder. 
  7. The next time you open a program (Photoshop, Word, etc.) your font should appear in the font pull down menu.  Note:  If you currently have a program open when loading a new font into the FONTS folder, it may not show up until you close and reopen the program. 


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