Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Playroom / Nursery Wall Art

I have recently become obsessed with pinterest.com.  I believe it is still an 'invitation only' site, so message me with your email address if you'd like me to send you an invite (simpleecrafted@gmail.com).  Anyway, I have found SO MANY cute ideas on the site and this is one of them...

I LOVE free printables and sure enough, each of these cute alphabet cards is a free printable!   This would be perfect for a child's nursery or playroom.  This could also be put together to create an alphabet book!

Thank you http://www.thehandmadehome.net for an adorable printable!


Nursery Wall Art said...

Nursery Wall Art is a creative way to transform any room into a stylish, unique space. By applying your favorite sayings directly to your walls you will create daily inspiration with a beautiful hand-painted look.

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